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Best Cast Iron Skillet

Best Cast Iron Skillet

Making the right choice of buying a skillet for your kitchen could be an adventure and not always with good results as on the market have lots of varieties of skillets made of different type of material. But the question is why to be a cast iron? Why not something else? The truth is that cast iron skillet will be your friend and you will enjoy every minute using it in the kitchen.

Cast iron skillets are very durable, easy to maintenance and long lasting. Our team during the process of testing and researching for the best cast iron skillet consider that everyone who really enjoy cooking need to have one of those. You can find different brands which offer varieties of design, pre-seasoned or enameled cast iron skillets. We consider that if you are looking for high quality product and want to enjoy your cooking from frying an egg for breakfast to searing a steak or roast some meat for dinner you will get a really good result.

Most of the brands offer a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet, which means they are coating with oil or other fat to prevent the skillet from rusting. The pre-seasoned cast iron skillets are extremely durable and versatile, good heat distributor, not very expensive compare to enameled one, easy to maintenance and long lasting. There are some cons such as they can react with acidic food, also get hot evenly but slowly and may need to be seasoned again. If you decided to buy non-seasoned cast iron skillet you need to do it by yourself.

Other very popular cast iron skillets are enameled, which means they have been coated with a porcelain enamel or also known as vitreous enamel. The enameled cast iron skillets have a lot of advantages like they do not need a seasoning, non-reactive, do not rust, suitable for any stove include induction, easy to clean and durable. However, they have some disadvantages also such as have to be careful to not dropped the item or treated roughly so they could chip the coating of the skillets. Also they are a bit have comparing with other materials and we recommend to wash them by hand.

Lodge Cast Iron 10.25-inch Skillet

Our Editor’s choice for the best cast iron skillet is Lodge pre-seasoned 10.25-inches. Our team consider this skillet for a high quality product and doing the review for it shows on a testing that this skillet is ideal for frying, sauteing, roasting, braising and baking. You can use it the Lodge cast iron skillet for varieties of cooking methods and the performance is really good. Also have a helper handle which makes the skillet easy to use and have two side lips which helps to pouring from it easier.

We do not recommend to use it in a dishwasher because of the detergents and chemicals which could remove the seasoning and damage the surface. We recommend to wash by hand and straight away to be dried. This lovely skillet is suitable for any stoves include induction and can be use it not only indoors but to cook outdoors also. This rustic design of the cast iron skillet can be found on different sizes it depends of your needs.

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet

This signature enamelled cast iron skillet from Le Creuset is our second choice. Our team choose this cast iron skillet to review because after our research from different sources shows that is one of the most popular choices and we are very pleased with the performance in the kitchen which was really good. We can say that is an excellent choice if you use it for frying, searing or baking. This cast iron skillet is suitable for induction stove also and heats evenly.

The handles of the skillet are ergonomic and easy to use even that is a bit heavy. We recommend when you clean your cast iron skillet first to leave for a few minutes to cool down and then to wash and also do not use it any metallic utensils while cooking or metallic pads for cleaning as you can damage the enamelled surface of the skillet.

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Our team from picked up for third choice of the review for the best cast iron skillet Utopia Kitchen pre-seasoned cast iron skillet with 12.5-inches size. Our review after testing the skillet shows that it is very versatile and cook really well all of the food, we have been tested with different cooking methods such as sauteing, simmering, roasting, frying and baking. You can use the skillet on every type of stove includes induction. This cast iron skillet is durable and it is easy to maintenance. We recommend to wash them by hand to keep them in a good condition and use it for a very long time.

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